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I’m Glad You’re Here!

If you’re visiting my website, you’re thinking about whether things in your life really need to be as hard as they are. Perhaps you aren’t sleeping well. Maybe your relationships are suffering. You might be tired of living a life of filled with anxiety. Or you just want someone to talk through some things with.

Counseling is a great opportunity to work through long standing issues or just talk about what is going on in your life right now.

Cathy Hanville, LCSWCathy Hanville, LCSW

You want a therapist who will listen and interact with you. Someone who can be supportive and help you find solutions to your problems. Someone who will help you live a life that is different than it is today.

I am that therapist. I won’t just sit quietly and nod, I will work with you to make things better. If you are ready to make changes then call me or email me today to discuss how I might best help you. In order to best fit your needs I offer both short and long term counseling along with EMDR therapy.

My office is conveniently located in Albany, CA which is easily accessible to Berkeley, El Cerrito, and Richmond, CA. It is a wheelchair accessible office and within easy walking distance of the El Cerrito Plaza Bart Station.

405 Kains Avenue Building

405 Kains Avenue
Next to the El Cerrito Plaza