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Counseling Services

I’m Glad You’re Here

If you’re visiting my website, you’re thinking about whether things in your life really need to be as hard as they are. Perhaps you aren’t sleeping well. Maybe your relationships are suffering. You might be tired of living a life of filled with anxiety. Or maybe you just want someone to talk through some things with.

You are looking for a therapist who will listen and interact with you. Someone who can be supportive and help you find solutions to your problems. Someone who will help you live a life that is different than it is today.

I am that therapist. I won’t just sit quietly and nod, I will work with you to make things better. I will partner with you to work on the things you want to change. We don’t have to talk about your childhood (unless you want to) we can talk about what is happening in your life right now. I want you to be able to laugh in session along with talking about the tough stuff.

If you are ready to make changes then contact me today to discuss how I might best help you. In order to best fit your needs, I offer both short and long-term counseling along with EMDR therapy. My office is conveniently located in Albany, CA which is easily accessible to Berkeley, El Cerrito, and Richmond, CA. It is a wheelchair accessible office and within easy walking distance of the El Cerrito Plaza Bart Station.

Things are crazy now. Here I am checking in.

Meet Cathy

Cathy Hanville, LCSW

I feel like I am extraordinarily lucky to do this work. I spend my days helping people move past their anxiety. I have always loved hearing people’s stories. People that work with me love that I am interactive and have a good sense of humor. I believe there should also be a lot of laughter in the therapy room. Give me a call or email today to see if we be a good match to work together.

Here I am talking a bit about how I practice.


Anxiety is what I do the most. My goal is to help every client live a calmer life. Read more here.


I use EMDR with many of my clients. I have found EMDR has helped many people get unstuck from patterns and thoughts that they had struggled with for years. Read more about EMDR here.

Grief and Loss

I work with those struggling with grief and loss. From a loss that just happened to one that happened many years ago I provide you with the space to work through it. For more on grief and loss click here.


Many people I work with identify as transgender or non-binary. However you identify I am here to help you work through the process or work through whatever other struggles you have. For more information on my work with gender identity click here.

Office Info

For directions and initial paperwork click here.

My Office

Cathy Hanville, LCSW

My office is easily accessible by Bart, bus, or car. There is ample on street parking.

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