Building EMDR Confidence-How To Effectively Use EMDR With Complex Cases Online Training


Many clinicians get trained in EMDR but are nervous about using it. One reason for that is that in basic training you don’t learn many techniques for dealing with complex cases. Clients with attachment trauma and/or early childhood abuse or neglect need different stabilization work prior to the desensitization stage. This should include some ego state/parts interventions, containment and safe state resourcing. In this workshop you will get an overview of those stabilization techniques along specific parts/ego states interventions for both the resourcing stage and as interweaves during the desensitization stage. The focus will be on practical strategies to help you work with complex clients.

This course is now available online for $99 and you can receive 3 EMDRIA Credits

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Learning Objectives
1. Participant will be able to utilize the Dissociative Table/Meeting Place intervention with their clients
2. Participant will be able to name at least three factors that are needed before a client is ready for EMDR processing.
3. Participant will be able to utilize at least two parts/ego states focused interweaves.
4. Participant will have an understanding of how to assess for dissociation and when to use the DES-II and MID-60

This class is for licensed therapists who have completed EMDR Basic Training Levels One and Two and have completed the associated 10 hours.
This class is presented by Cathy Hanville, LCSW They/She
EMDRIA Credit Provider #23010
EMRIA Certified Therapist and Approved Consultant
This class is approved for 3 EMDRIA Credits  #23010-DL02
This class complies with EMDRIA Standards for EMDR

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