In today’s world we are expected to be able to do it all. And many of us are wondering how everyone else is able to do it and we are not. I often remind clients that not everything is as it appears. Sure there are those perfect families, oh say one or two of them, but most of us are just plodding along doing our best which someone how never feels like enough.

I often talk to people about how they take care of themselves, what are they doing for them? Are they doing the basics like exercising and eating reasonably healthy meals 3 times a day? Or are they blindly running from one thing to the next without time to breathe. It is more often some version of the second one. When I talk to people about making self care a priority they often look at me like I am crazy. But if you can’t take care of your basic needs, how can you really expect to feel good.

A lot of it is about just changing our priorities. How much time a day do you waste on the internet? How could that time be better utilized to nurture yourself and your family. Instead of just running to the next thing how about placing some value on now? Take a moment to think about what is really more important doing laundry or spending some quality time with your partner. Or even more shockingly prioritize yourself once in a while. If we could put the same value on ourselves as people as we do as employees, spouses and parents I imagine our quality of life would be better. Somehow instead we put ourselves in postions where we feel guilty if we do for ourselves.

There is no such thing as being able to do it all. Trust me whomever you think is doing it all, really isn’t. Take some time today to enjoy your moments, not your accomplishments.