Duct Tape and The Water Bowl

So I found myself sitting on my kitchen floor duct taping my cat’s water bowl to the pad underneath it at 10:30pm the other night. I could do nothing but laugh at myself. I have spent the last few weeks trying to outsmart an overactive kitten that I have diagnosed with OCD. Yup therapists diagnose our pets too. Little Morrie has decided that his newest game is to move the water bowl across the kitchen floor leaving a nice trail of water along the way. If I go in and clean it up and then leave the room Morrie goes right back at it again and again and again (you can see where I got the OCD diagnosis).

I have tried about six different bowls and then yesterday I read about simply taping the bowl to the mat. So I did that. And I have had some success with that. See I think along with the OCD Morrie may have a touch of ADHD and if something becomes boring then he doesn’t want to do it anymore. So once the bowl was affixed then it became boring and problem was solved. Until it wasn’t. Tonight as I was working on the computer I heard that familiar bowl moving noise. I didn’t get up because any Morrie attention is considered good attention and it only reinforces the behavior more.

Of course when I went into the kitchen the floor was sopping wet and that is how I found myself duct taping the bowl down again. I thought I have got to make a blog post out of this because it would be good to write about something a little more light-hearted then grief and care-giving. But here I am at the end of the post wondering what the point of it all is? That I can’t outsmart a kitten? That in every relationship you have to deal with some spilled water along with the love? That life can bring challenges in unexpected ways? Maybe all of the above maybe it is just that sometimes you just have to laugh and clean up the water, again.