How Do We Cope With The Randomness of Life?

I have posted a lot about grief lately. I specialize in working with both grief and trauma and part of the process is dealing with the randomness of life. On any given day everything in our life can change. That sounds so dramatic and of course when it happens it is. One day someone is told they are sick, or pass away, or get into an accident. Of course everything can also change in a positive way with a marriage,  or having a baby or winning the lottery but those are generally less random. We all like to think that we have some control over our lives. If we constantly lived in a state where we acknowledge our lack of control for many of us it can be stressful. We like to believe that if we do the right things then good things will happen. Sometimes it works out that way and sometimes it doesn’t.

So how do we deal with the days that is doesn’t work out the way we want. I have been talking to almost all my clients about finding a mindfulness practice. That can look different for everyone but it is about finding a way to be present in the moment. I have worked really hard on finding my way to my own practice. I will be honest. I have had a hard time committing to it for a long time and then one day I did. Now I have a daily practice. It can look a bit different every day but there is something I do everyday. Then on the days when things aren’t going right I am better able to stay in the moment and cope with what is in front of me and not my fears about what is to come. Of course with being present comes coping with painful emotions. But allowing ourselves to stay present and walk through them is the only true way to heal.



Photo Copyright: bianciardi / 123RF Stock Photo