As a therapist I try to practice what I recommend to clients. As a human I struggle with these habits as much as anyone. I try to meditate every morning. Just a few minutes. I have apps on my Iphone that I use. The current one is Stop, Breathe, Think which evaluates how you are and then recommends three different meditations. Still I just wasn’t doing it every day. I would do it for a day or two  then miss. I was frustrated because it is just 10 minutes a day, how could I not get this in my day? I know how valuable that daily meditation is to a persons health and well being.

So I set up a self nag. I put a reminder into my Iphone and set it to go off at 8am everyday reminding me to meditate. If I don’t check it off it will continue reminding me all day long. So if I don’t find the time in the morning I come back to it in the evening. And while I am still not perfect in my practice I find that the reminder has increased the days I do find the time to meditate.

Everyone has to find the meditation technique that works for them. For me using a app that talks me through the meditation and reminding myself until I actually do it is what works for me. I would love to hear from you what you do to keep yourself committed to your mindfulness practice.

Photo Copyright: nebojsa78 / 123RF Stock Photo