Here I am at home mid day and what have I done? Ate lunch, prepped dinner, and am now writing my blog posts. I am fortunate to have a job that sometimes allows me random daytime hours off. However, I will confess that during that time I have difficulty relaxing. It is a beautiful day out. I have many books to read yet I made my choice to work. Why? I feel guilty about having this time, somehow it just seems wrong. It is one thing if I had work I had to do but I don’t. I could have continued to procrastinate on writing my blog post for this month. But I have bought into the cultural values about time and wasting time. Which is flat out silly. How can it ever be said that enjoying yourself is a waste of time?

I admit to be being a work in progress. I am listening to the ballgame as I type (Go A’s!) and after I finish this post I promise to go sit on the front porch with a book. I wish I was at the point where I could have relaxed the entire three hours I have off but I am happy to at least go have some fun for an hour. Because life is to short to spend it busy.

I challenge my readers to find some time in the next week to goof off. I myself will promise to do this again next week. Practice makes perfect.

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