Dan Savage started the “It Gets Better Campaign” as a response to a rash of publicized suicides by young people that were gay or perceived to be gay. He wanted to let those young people know that they could and would get through this difficult period of their life and live a better life.

The campaign quickly went viral. Every LGBT person remembers when they realized they were different and all that changed for them after that realization. They all remember having to hide who they were, or how they were bullied because of it. Quickly story after story was posted to you-tube. Some long, some singing, some sad, but all very real.

Here are just a few of these videos. I hope they inspire all to reach out to any child or adolescent who is being bullied or treated poorly because of who they are.

a cop and a marine

Chaz Bono

the King Brothers

and this one brings tears to my eyes each time

Joel Burns

I’d love to hear what you think of these and any other of the videos you have seen. comment here or pop me an email.

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