“I just don’t have the energy to do it this year.” It is a statement I have been hearing a lot these past few weeks in the build up to the holidays. It has caused me to reflect on why people often either force themselves to do things around the holidays they don’t want to do, or skip them and feel guilty. This time of the year it we seem to have rigid expectations of what the holidays are suppose to be like. These ideas may include special foods, perfect gifts, and seamless interactions with our loved ones. It seems we are either trying to recreate that one perfect holiday we had as a child, or we are trying to create that perfect holiday that we never had. Either way we fail ourselves by trying to achieve something that is not obtainable. Life isn’t a movie. If we want happiness it will come from living in the moment. If we are doing things that we don’t want to it detracts from the experience for both us and the people we are sharing it with.
For the rest of the holidays how about just trying to enjoy the moment? Do the things you want to do and skip the rest. Embrace each experience whether good or bad. My guess is if you change your expectations and do only the things that you care about your holidays will be a more positive experience for you and those you love.

Happy Holidays!