I recently was at a training where there was a discussion on laughter. Laughter has numerous benefits to both our physical and our mental well being. By triggering the release of endorphins laughter creates an overall better sense of well-being. By reducing stress hormones laughter creates a better immune system.

So how do you bring more laughter into your own life?  The best way to bring laughter into your life is to be around laughter. Laughter is contagious so being around it will cause you to laugh. Surround yourself with people that laugh to make you laugh more. If you don’t believe that check out the video of Doug Collins, the man with the most contagious laugh. See if you can watch Mr. Collins laugh and not join in.

Other ways to bring laughter into your life include laughing at yourself, using laughter to cope with challenging situations, bringing more playfulness into your life, and spending time with children. Like most things the more you laugh the easier it is to laugh. Figure out what it is that brings you laughter and find a way to do it more. Cliché or not, laughter truly is the best medicine.