This post doesn’t need me to quote a lot of statistics to back up the fact that pets change and can literally save lives. Pets can help not only our mental health but also our physical health. Being a pet owner myself, you could say I have a bias, but to me there is little more comforting than an adoring animal gazing at you with love. Pets give us that unconditional love that we just don’t get anywhere else.

I have seen more than one client’s life change immensely for the better after getting a pet. For someone in a deep depression both the unconditional love and the responsibility of taking care of something totally dependent on them can shift their perspective immensely.

I told the last client that asked me my opinion on getting a pet that I had never had a client tell me getting a pet was a decision that they regretted. I have instead seen more than one client have such changes in their lives after getting a pet, that I was stunned.

But I shouldn’t be. I know that like many people my pets are part of my family. They occasionally annoy me, like any family member might, but the joy I get from being greeted at the door each night is immeasurable.


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