Author Dan Buettner says people can have a longer, healthier life if they follow some of the habits and values observed among populations where the residents have long lives.  He is the author of Blue Zones, which talks about ways to live longer, based on Buettner’s extensive research.

The nine things Buettner recommends are:

  1. Move naturally. This means exercise in an natural manner such as gardening or walking outside rather than in a gym.
  2. Know your purpose. What gets you out of bed in the morning
  3. Kick back.  Have some fun however that looks for you.
  4. Eat less.
  5. Eat less meat.
  6. Drink in moderation. This means 1-2 glasses of wine a day.
  7. Have faith. Attending weekly services makes a difference.
  8. Power of love. Be close and involved with your family
  9. Stay social.

To me this breaks down into living a life with strong connections and doing the things most of know are healthy habits but don’t always do regularly.

Feel free to comment if you think there should be anything else on the list.