Many therapists and other professionals have written about Trump anxiety since before the election. What I am seeing now is more than anxiety it is a sense of fear and overwhelm. Many people are really really scared.   They are scared of being discriminated against. They are scared of being physically attacked. They worry deeply about the future of this country. They worry about how this will affect their children. Some express their fear as anger. Others as sadness or as having a feeling of apathy. The unpredictability of how the government is run and the constant barrage of news escalates these feelings.

So how to cope. There is honestly no easy answer here. Every person needs to find their own way. Here are some suggestions.

  1. Be an activist. Many people feel more empowered if they are able to take action. There are many groups out there you can join.
  2. Find your support system and lean on it. Know the people in your life you can talk about this with and do so. As often as you need to.
  3. Regulate your news and social media activity. While I understand that it can be hard not to be constantly connected that connection can elevate your anxiety level. Stay informed but not constantly.
  4. Keep doing the things that bring you joy. You know what they are. Movies, reading, walking, gardening, being with family, etc. If you lose the joy in your life despair may come.
  5. Keep up on the basics. Eat well. Prioritize sleep. Exercise if you can. Even a walk makes a difference.
  6. Start or continue a mindfulness practice. Meditate for 10 minutes every day. It helps to pull your body and mind out of the constant fight or flight state it may be in.
  7. If it feels like too much seek professional help. A therapist can provide support and help you navigate your feelings.


Photo Copyright: sifotography / 123RF Stock Photo