For it can take over you. As I write this there have been several crazy days on the stock market, after we just had a protracted and divisive debate on the debt.
I believe we should keep ourselves educated on what is going in the world and to be involved in the ways we can, but that involvement can turn into depression if you are steadily fed a tornado of the latest catastrophes. That type of negativity can affect your overall world view, which will leak into other areas of your life.

Most of us have no power over whether the stock market drops 500 points or of the fact that Congress can not get anything done.
News today is very different than it was 20 yeas ago. News is now fear based. Everything is focused on the next tragedy. The feel good stories are far and few in between. TV news has learned that if they keep you fearful you will keep watching, good for their ratings, but not so good for your mental health.

So be mindful of the time you spend watching the news. Get as much news as you can from sources other than TV. If you want to live a positive life than you need to be surrounded by positives, not a constant tsunami of negativity.

Take care of yourself wisely.