What is Self-Care?

Self-care is something I often talk about with my clients. Many of us are the caretakers and are not good at self-care. We can help everyone else but struggle to take care of ourselves. There is also the question of what is self-care? To me, self-care is anything you can do for yourself that makes you feel calm or good or relaxed. Some of those things can be

  • Binge Watching A Netflix Series
  • Sleeping in
  • Eating the cake or ice-cream
  • Buying something new
  • Getting a massage
  • Meditating
  • Exercise
  • Cuddling with a pet

Now some of the things on the list can be self-care sometimes and a way to emotionally check out others (see eating, sleeping, and netflixing) As with anything it is how and why you are doing it and for how long. Eating the dessert can be self-care. Eating the dessert every day may be a way of emotionally checking out. So you have to check in with yourself. Are you binge-watching Netflix with your love and having a great time. Or are you curled up in a ball binge watching because you can’t cope?

Right now we are a stressed-out country. People are scared and angry. And while it is important for us to stay engaged in the ways that we can it is also very important to be able to be present and live our lives. We should especially focus on that when we are stressed out but it is better to practice self-care all the time so the resources are there when things are tough.


Let me know your favorite self-care technique.





Photo Copyright: mindscanner / 123RF Stock Photo