As one is prone to do at the beginning of the year I have been thinking about what a successful 2019 looks like for me. I have mainly focused on my professional growth because that is easier to quantify. I have some very specific goals for each of my businesses that are achievable with commitment and hard work on my part. The personal goals can be harder to name. I don’t believe in resolutions per se but I do set goals during the year. This year I think is going to be a continuation of many of my past goals. I started yoga again in 2018 and that has been transformative. I have a new class with a better time and a teacher that really focuses on presence. I recently missed a bunch of classes due to the holidays and boy did I feel it when I did not go. It helps my mental and physical well being.

I started a new hobby with photography and hope to keep throwing myself into it. It allows me solitude when I go take pictures and also gets my brain thinking in creative ways that are good for me. it also forces me to pay more attention to what is going on around me which is always a good thing.

Last year I also pushed myself out of my comfort zone wtih a few helicopter rides. Which turned out to be simply amazing. And a lesson on the benefits of pushing out of one’s comfort zone. I hope to continue to find opportunities to do that.

I became more involved with my local community and that has allowed me to meet a lot of wonderful people and to feel more engaged which I think is so important in these political times. Obviously, we all cope in our own ways but for me, action is key.

I want to continue to be mindful of how I engage day to day in news and politics. I will continue to give myself time-outs when I hit the level of overwhelm.

I want to continue learning and growing and I have been doing that by continuing to read and by attending workshops on issues I care about.

Finally, I want to continue to grow and foster relationships in my life. It is easy to just hide at home (at least for this introvert) but community to me is more important than ever and I will do what I can to foster it.

Feel free to comment and let me know what some of your goals (not resolutions!) are for 2019. And may you all have a healthy and prosperous New Year.