It makes me so sad sometimes when I see how judgmental we can be of others. Tonight I read Raising my Rainbow a blog where a mom talks about her gender creative son, CJ. She expressed feeling sad and isolated because her family has lost friends that cannot deal with her son. I read a few of the comments and one piece of advice was to seek out LGBT headed families. LGBT families it was said, could understand the gender creativity and they may have similar issues raising their own children whom are also teased.

So the answer to being oppressed is that you can only be friends with another oppressed group. That seems so wrong. All of this judgements is just so wrong. I hope this mom does seek out these families, because I agree they will most likely be more supportive. I don’t think that is the way it should be though. I think her son should be accepted for who he is. Right now he is a boy who likes wearing dresses and playing with barbies. So what?! Why is that so threatening to people? Are we really so stuck in our gender roles that we are going to allow children to be bullied and discriminated again? CJ has a supportive family, what about all of those children that don’t It is just acceptable for us to stand by and allow children to grow up hating themselves?

I posted about the “it gets better campaign a few days ago”. I think it is a wonderful idea, but is something that shouldn’t be necessary. It should not need to get better, it should just be okay. Shame on you to all those parents that won’t let their kids be around CJ and all other children with differences. It is small minded and wrong.

I want to say to CJ’s mom that I think she is an incredibly brave and wonderful woman. CJ is lucky to have been born in that family. Every child should be as lucky. And I hope for you having this community is your way of making it better. Because there are lot of us out here rooting for you!