I want to start this by saying I love my Iphone. I love Facebook. I feel like I have been able to stay more connected with some people because of Facebook. The reality is I wouldn’t be calling many of these people on the phone but I love to see pictures of their children and their lives. The reality is this is a false sense of connection. There is no vulnerability involved in posting our happy pictures on Facebook. And vulnerability is where connection really lies. However, vulnerability is really hard for most of us. It is far easier to be checking our phones than to say to someone I had a tough day today and it was really hard for me to get through it.

While we all seem to be craving connection at the same time our actions seem to indicate otherwise. We want to connect with our partners but then we check our email ten times during dinner. We have a magical moment and our first thought is “I have to post this on Facebook.”  How many times have you been doing something you enjoyed but also struggling not to look at your phone while doing it? We have become a society really uncomfortable with being in the moment and having our feelings.

I often wonder as I have the impulse to check my phone while waiting in line for something what did I do in line before cellphones? I imagine I just stood there but the concept seems so strange now. But it shouldn’t be. I should be able to stand five minutes in line and think about life or breathe or just let my mind wander. It isn’t instinct to do that anymore though. It is an effort. An effort that I think is worth it. I believe the more we check out the hard it is to stay present. So it is important to find ways to stay engaged in the world. What about talking to the person in line next to you? There is some connection and it would probably even feel good for both people.

I am finding ways to be less cell phone involved and more present. I would love to hear the things that work for you in the comments below.



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