Why Vulnerability Matters

As any follower of my Facebook page knows I love Brené Brown. She writes about shame and vulnerability. Allowing yourself to be vulnerable can be excruciating. The last thing we want to expend energy on when we are struggling is relationships. We don’t want to risk rejection at a time when we already feel bad. However, the only way we can work through life’s challenges and move on is to be vulnerable and express our feelings.

We have a propensity to not want to ask for help. No one wants to be seen as weak or as being a burden. But if people ask to help, most of the time they actually want to help. They are happy to help because they feel powerless if they can’t do anything. I have had the honor to walk through some painful places with friends and while it was always challenging it was also an honor. When someone allows you into their lives in a deep and meaningful way it is profound. It deepens the relationship. Both parties end up better people.

It takes deep courage to reach out and be authentic in our darkest times but when we can do it allows us to be present to our pain while not being alone. Ultimately that is the way healing happens and we find our way forward again.