California Telehealth Counseling For Transgender and Non-Binary People

Need support from a therapist who understands gender identity?

  • Are you struggling with your gender identity?
  • Do you need a therapist who can support and guide you on your way to a transition?
  • Are you transgender but want therapy for other problems and need a therapist you don’t need to train in gender issues?
  • Do you have a non-binary identity?


I provide transgender and queer-affirming therapy for my clients. I have a strong commitment, and many years of experience, helping people who are struggling with their gender identity. Working with people with gender identity issues is a priority for me and in my practice, I see many such clients.

I work with people no matter where they are in their process. I allow you to define your gender identity in the way that best fits you, not the way society says you should be. I am familiar with local resources. If you choose a medical route to transition I will work with you to make sure you get the services you need. I am not just a counselor but an advocate for you.


transgender flag

I recorded a presentation on Affirmative Counseling for Transgender and Gender Non–Conforming Clients as part of an online class I offer. For those interested in my approaches to counseling please listen to the video below.

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