Bay Area Counseling For Transgender and Gender Non-Conforming People

Need support from a therapist who understands gender identity?gender word cloud

  • Are you struggling with your gender identity?
  • Do you need a therapist who can support and guide you on your way to a transition?
  • Are you gender non-conforming, but not sure what that means for you?
  • Are you transgender but want therapy for other problems and need a therapist you don’t need to train in gender issues?
  • Do you have a non-binary identity?

I have a strong commitment, and many years of experience, helping people who are struggling with their gender identity. Working with people around gender identity issues is a priority for me and in my practice, I see many such clients.

I work with people no matter where they are in their process. I allow you to define your gender identity in the way that best fits you, not the way society says you should be. I am familiar with local resources and a member of WPATH. If you choose a medical route to transition I will work with you to make sure you get the services you need. I am not just a counselor but an advocate for you.

My building is in a two story office and in the upstairs office, there are two bathrooms that are not gender specific. I want my office to be a safe place for everyone.


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I am currently in process of obtaining the newly developed WPATH Certification for Transgender Health and have taken the WPATH sponsored training beginner and advanced mental health along with both additional training courses for 30 hours of training including assessments for providing letters. I now am pursuing the additional requirements.