EMDR Intensives FAQ’s


Who can benefit from EMDR?

Almost anyone. It is a great intervention to help you get past a stuck point. The assessment meeting is where we can decide if EMDR can work for you and what to focus on.


Why an intensive instead of a normal 45-50-minute psychotherapy session?

EMDR intensives allow the opportunity to progress through your symptoms in a more focused manner. The intensive format may decrease overall treatment time because we are laser focused on one issue and not spending time on what happened during the week.

How does is EMDR done?

A fundamental part of EMDR is Bilateral Stimulation (BLS). This means being stimulated on one side then another side. You can do this is different ways. For the sake of work with Cathy clients can purchase their own tappers or tap on themselves. Flash involves both BLS and blinking. 


Does online EMDR therapy work?

Cathy Hanville, LCSW has been doing online EMDR therapy since 2020. Research has shown online therapy/EMDR can be just as in effective as in person work. There can be advantages to online work as you can do the work in the safety of your home and have a pet or other comfort with you. You also do not have to worry about travel to or from the appointment.


I live in a state that is not Pennsylvania  or California can I do an intensive with you?

Cathy Hanville, LCSW is licensed in both PA and CA and can only work with clients that are physically located in those states at the time of the session. You will be asked to prove location via your id or in another manner.


If I’m already a weekly client, can I participate in an EMDR intensive?

Yes. EMDR intensives for current clients are available.


If I already have a primary therapist, can I do an EMDR intensive as adjunct therapy?

Yes. We can do an intensive focused on one particular goal or stuck point. It can be a great adjunct to talk therapy. I also do less intensive adjunctive EMDR.

What are the costs?

Please check out my Intensive page for detailed fee information. 


Refund policy

Refunds are not provided for services already rendered, regardless of satisfaction with the service.


What can I expect to accomplish in a this amount of time ?

This program can offer you resources to cope along with the potential to process one issue or trigger. If you have  Complex PTSD you will need more than 6 -hours of treatment for resolution. However, we can work on one CPTSD target during this time. For example, in your relationships there are things a partner or friend says that give you big feelings. We will look for the root of the trigger and process that. This will allow you to not have big responses to that trigger anymore.

The more you engage in the extensive assessment process the more likely we are to finish one or more targets.

What if I want additional sessions?

For additional sessions I charge at the rate of $340 for 90 minutes. You do not have to do follow-up sessions or a further assessment.

Can my insurance help pay for this program?

Maybe. It can vary company to company. For insurance purposes, I am considered an out-of-network provider. It’s best to determine the exact details of your policy ahead of time, including what benefits are available regarding out-of-network providers and if your insurance will reimburse several hours of therapy in one day or one week. I will provide you with a Superbill for all direct contact therapy services included in the program.

Typically, you can receive some reimbursement for the initial assessment session and follow up therapy session. The amount paid for the 2.5 hour session may not be covered fully. Typically, insurance companies don’t cover more than 60 minute sessions. Cathy Hanville, LCSW will provide a Superbill but will not spend time dealing with insurance companies.

How will I pay for this?

I will require you to have a credit card on file in my secure Electronic Health Record. Each session will be billed at the end of the meeting. Since this is therapy you are allowed to use an HSA/FSA card for these charges. All services must be paid at time of service. I will provide a Superbill if yo want to try and get insurance reimbursement.

 Do You Guarantee this will work for me?

No therapist can guarantee any intervention will work for the client. After the assessment if we decide you are not a match for this work right you will not incur additional costs. Resourcing is a large part of the assessment and the work and the workbook allows for a lot of insight and has many resources. It is my hope all people will gain from the work but I cannot provide a guarantee nor will I refund payment if you are not satisfied with the results.