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Grief and Loss Counseling

Do you need help coping with a loss in your life?

Stages of Grief


Are you feeling depressed, having problems sleeping, or having flashbacks of the loss? Do you feel like no one understands your grief?Do you find yourself not talking to friends about your loss because no one seems to understand? If you are you may benefit from counseling for grief or loss.

Grief is defined as a reaction to a major loss which is usually experienced as a painful and unhappy emotion. But as anyone who has grieved knows, it is a not just a reaction but a process that takes a substantial amount of time and energy and almost always goes on longer than most people expect.

My focus is on providing you a safe and non-judgmental space for you to work through your loss at your own pace in your own way. I am experienced in grief counseling as well as trained in EMDR to help  you eliminate trauma symptoms such as flashbacks.

The one truth about grief is that it is hard and each of us must deal with it in our own way. Having a person that can sit with you as you are struggling with your pain and allow you to experience all your emotions can help you process your loss.


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