LGBTQ+ Focused EMDR Group Consultation

 Zoom Group Available

About the Group

I emphasize safety and support to encourage a learning environment in which everyone can share any questions that they have. When cases are presenting all identifying information must be removed. This is especially important for our community, which is small.

LGBTQ+ Focused EMDR Consultation

These groups are for licensed mental health practitioners who want to learn more about using EMDR with their LGBTQ+ clients. I will be lead this group from both a social justice framework and from a Structural Dissociation model. I integrate parts work into our preparation phase.

2nd Friday from 9:00-10:30am PST 12-1:30 EST

Currently Full


The group will meet via Zoom monthly for 90 minutes. There will be a maximum of 6 people in the 90 minute group. The 2nd Friday Group is 9-10:30 PST 12-1:30 EST. The Third Thursday is from 1-2:30pm PST 4-5:30pm EST. 

Cost is $65 for the 90 minute group

While you are in the group you must pay for each session regardless of attendance.

I require a 6 month commitment and 1-month notice to leave the group.

Payment will be via my secure Therapy Notes Portal.

The groups are eligible towards hours to obtain your EMDRIA Certification. You are allowed to get 10 of the 20 certification hours via group. You must participate every session for it to be counted towards certification hours.


About Me

I am an EMDRIA Consultant. I have been trained in EMDR since 2001 and have extensive trauma training. I work from a phase based trauma approach and integrate different theories and experts such as Laurel Parnell, Janina Fisher, and Dick Schwartz. I have found that using a parts model has dramatically increased my success rate using EMDR. If you have clients whom get stuck when doing EMDR using this model helps them get identify their stuck parts and move from there. I am also trained in Flash and integrate that both into my clinical work and my consultation work.

In addition, I am Queer and Gender Non-Conforming in my identity and consult from a social justice perspective. I use They/She pronouns.


Presenting a case

I am not rigid with format but this is what I suggest.

1. Logistics of case being careful of identifying info. How long you have seen client? What was their presenting problem?  What has worked and what has not worked?

2. I ask everyone to formulate the question that they would like to get answered from the group. This allows us to be focused and for you to get the information you need. It also often helps you formulate your presentation.

The paperwork

90 Minute Zoom Group Agreement

Consultation Evaluation for reference