PA Tele-Health Counseling for LGBTQ+ Community


Need a therapist that you don’t have to explain Queer or Trans 101 to?


Explain why pronouns are important?


Define Non-binary?


Want to work on your anxiety or trauma issues and not even bring in sexuality or gender identity?

As a member of the community, I work with you on the goals you set. I have been working with the LGBTA+ community for over 20 years. I am both affirming and I also get a lot of it. Of course, I also recognize your experience and life will have been different from mine. I am interactive and engaged.

I am a gender specialist (and I also realize what that can mean good and bad!) I also am trained in a variety of trauma modalities like EMDR and parts work. I am part of the community and fully recognize the trauma that comes with that. I work hard to be culturally humble.

I am now also licensed in PA!  I am offering a telehealth-only practice in CA and PA. I specialize in working with the LGBTA+ community.

I do not have current openings but will be opening my PA practice in early 2022!



LCS 19782