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Here is a a list of resources I frequently recommend to clients.

Anxiety Resources

OCD-Intrusive Thoughts

Imp of the Mind I have often recommended this book to people who suffer from intrusive thoughts.


Full Catastrophe Living This book is a great extensive program for those who really want to dig deep into meditation. It is the MSBR program which is well research. Another link below takes you to free versions of the meditations.

Meditation Oasis I recommend the app or the podcast. I prefer the Simply Being App as it allows for several different time settings and has a simple meditation.

Andrew Johnson Apps Andrew Johnson has an app for everything it seems. Quit smoking, lose weight, build confidence, sleep better, and I have loved all of the ones I have listened to.

MBSR Meditations This is a great resource for Free Downloadable MBSR meditations.

Here are some meditations I recorded.

Gender Identity/Transgender Resources

WPATH Standards of Care The standards of care are the healthcare providers guidelines to providing care to transgender clients/patients.

Brave Space, LLC has some great resources including an awesome downloadable surgery guide. You can download it for free though they request a donation and it is well worth it.

Trans Bodies Trans Care This is a very comprehensive book that covers many different issues.

Gender Outlaw The life experiences of a transgender woman. Considered a classic.

She’s Not There A Life in Two Genders Another story of a transgender woman.

Gender Born, Gender Made A great book about gender creative children.

Becoming a Visible Man This is the story from a trans male perspective.

Raising My Rainbow This mom writes a blog about her gender creative child. She put together many of the posts in this book which I love.

EMDR/Trauma Resources

Getting Past Your Past This book was written by the founder of EMDR and she talks about self help using EMDR

The Body Keeps Score This is one of the best books I have read on trauma and treatment of trauma.

Tapping In This book is also a self help type book but less clinical than Francine Shapiro’s book above. It is about using bilateral stimulation to heal yourself.

Grief Resources

Compassionate Friends This is a great website with lots of information for parents that have lost their children. There are also links to local groups.

Some Additional Articles of Interest

Attachment Theory and Our Relationships This is a great article on how attachment affects our relationships.

Epigentics 101 This is a fascinating topic which talks about how trauma can be passed through our DNA.